BITS logoBlackmoon Info Tech Services offers a range of services devoted to solving computing needs from both a software and hardware perspective. My passion for software development is my primary focus with active development ongoing for Android mobile devices.  A part of software development is to build the right tools for the job to be done. Sometimes that job requires extensive integration with the existing environment or tailored to suit the demands required. Being able to setup the hardware equipment in order to properly use the software I may have to develop has been a critical factor in my past employment, allowing me to travel extensively across the U.S. as well as abroad. I love to travel, so I’ve always looked forward to it even if the weather or the demands of the job were very stressful.

With my diverse background of solving computing needs from both software and hardware perspectives, Blackmoon Info Tech Services can offer a wide array of services:

  • create and deploy Android apps providing emphasis on a responsive, easy to use UI
  • application development from lightweight projects to mission-critical systems
  • fix coding issues for existing projects
  • install complex software packages that require integration with other installed software
  • install hardware such as video cards, hard drives, RAM, etc.
  • IT advice tailored to suit your needs and your budget
  • Google Apps consultant (Google has great, low cost email/web/office offerings for small businesses)
  • manage your listings with various sites to provide a uniform business front to the internet public
  • troubleshoot and fix most computer problems

I am currently composing code with PHP, MySQL, Access, MS SQL, HTML, Javascript, and Android (Java).

About Me

profile for Uncle Code Monkey at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmersRyan Fischbachemail
(aka: Uncle Code Monkey)
I am a proud “Monkey’s uncle” who fancies himself a high quality code composer that is hard at work building Androids for Google’s army. I am a dedicated, hard-working, highly skilled, perfectionist with enough experience to know what corners can be cut as well as when to burn the midnight oil to polish vital projects until they shine. I am comfortable working alone or with teammates – side by side as well as remotely distributed throughout the world. I learn new technologies/techniques quickly and take much pleasure in creating some of my own. My natural talent as a “bug hunter” that investigates and corrects the source of a problem instead of just treating its symptoms has earned me quite a bit of respect from the Quality Assurance department as well as my peers. I take pride in composing robust and maintainable code that starts with creating a solid design within the business constraints dictated by time and resources.



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