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Swidget is a compact toggle switch widget for your Home screen. 6 switches in 1 tiny widget!Easily toggle your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Sound, GPS, the Security Pattern, and Airplane Mode.Android 2.2 users get the option to toggle Hotspot Mode. Mute can optionally affect Media volume in addition to call volume.Version notes can be found here.app icon http://market.android.com/details?id=com.blackmoonit.switchboard

Available in the following languages:

  • English (the default language)

If you would like to volunteer and help translate this app into another language, please see the Localization page.

Swidget will request several permissions that users will be warned about:

  • Network communication – create Bluetooth connections
  • Hardware controls – change your audio settings
  • System tools – bluetooth administration, change Wi-Fi state, modify global system settings, prevent phone from sleeping
  • Network communication – view Wi-Fi state


Current Feature List

  • Enable/disable Bluetooth
  • Enable/disable Audio (Vibration & Media optionally silenced along with it)
  • Enable/disable Wi-Fi
  • Shortcut to GPS setting. Google locked developers out of changing this setting directly because it was abused in older phones.
  • Enable/disable Security Pattern – NOTE: starting with Android 2.2, this feature will act similar to GPS and only be a shortcut to the phone’s setting.
  • Settings to auto-enable Sound, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi when the power cord is plugged in.
  • Ability to toggle Airplane Mode.
  • Android 2.2 users can turn on an option to Long Press Wi-Fi to toggle Hotspot Mode.
  • Widget Color is user configurable.


Swidget in action after pressing the widget. If you launch Swidget as an app, you can change the auto-toggle behavior for when the power cord is plugged into the phone.

Swidget in action Swidget settings

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