A sign of the times

A tale from the “strange, but true” section of my career, which at this moment is a cross between small, independent computer consulting and searching for a decent company to provide a more steady income.

On my way to the office for my final interview on Wednesday, I received a call wondering if I can move the meeting up a half an hour.  Apparently, the big wigs in the company called a last minute, all partner meeting and my interviewers wanted to make sure there was enough time to go ahead with mine while still being able to attend the recently called meeting.  I had left home early to make sure I got there in time, so this schedule change was no problem for me to accommodate.

The final interview goes well.  The company seems fairly well run and everyone I had met were both professional and friendly. All that was left to be done was to go over the fine points of the contract to make sure everything was clear and equitable.

The next day, the headhunter agent that arranged for everything called me up to let me know that the position I was applying for had been eliminated due to budgetary constraints.  This was a direct result of the big meeting that occurred right after my final interview the day before.  So instead of going into the office to sign on the dotted line, I had been furloughed. The company asked for my permission to keep my contact details so they can call me up and see if I’m still interested and available when the position opens back up — but that could be another quarter or two.

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  1. =/

    Dont give up. I remember when I left Universal before I decided to go into business for myself I applied for a few positions and I had a similar situation happen. I applied for a job with Lockheed Martin down in VA and went through all the interviewing, flew out from CA just to do the interview on my own dime also (I did take a week to see family so it wasnt a complete wash) and got through the final interview, no problem. The week they were supposed to call me and FedEx me the contracts…nothing. Tried calling my POC, Voicemail, for a solid week thats what happened, no reply. Finally, the week after that I get a call back from my POC’s secretary telling me that they decided they were “uncomfortable” hiring me because of my criminal background from when I was young. Something they could have easily said to me BEFORE but never did for whatever reason. Only time in my life my past mistakes in computer crimes denied me a job in computer security…

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