BBQ Tip #36

Now that spring is upon us and more and more days see sunshine and warmer weather, the BBQ’s are being readied for some grillin’.  There’s a really simple way to add a little flavor to whatever you are cooking on a covered BBQ.  Just follow these steps for putting a bit of kick in your grill.

  1. Take a pie tin and place it off in a corner of the grill.
  2. Pour in some beer (whatever is handy) to at least cover the bottom if it were perfectly flat – about a half of a can should be plenty.
  3. Let it heat up along with the BBQ a few minutes before you put on your foodstuffs.
  4. Now just grill your food as normal.

This technique works best if you close the lid to the BBQ during the grilling process as an open grill won’t be able to capture the steam to add any flavoring.  In addition to giving your grilled dish some added flavor, you will also add some moisture to the process so that it won’t dry out as much.  Try experimenting with different alcohols, each one adds a slightly different flavor.

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