Interesting Names and Places

Sgt. Dick Beaver, a member of the same Army company as my brother.  He’s quite a character!

Gottfried Gottfried XVI, also a member of my brother’s company.  Not only is it unusual, but there were 15 generations before him back unto the American Civil War.  He did not name his son Gottfried, thus breaking the line and causing him to be disowned by his family for it.

Latawata Rd. (sound it out loud) is the first offramp after a very long bridge over a lake along I-40 near Checota, OK.

One of the long, main, back roads through town is named Needmore Rd.  At about the halfway point, there is a very short connecting road named Needless Rd.

A small neighborhood being constructed nearby named Camelot Hills and it’s only street is named Arthurs Ct.

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