Truth is Stranger than Fiction – Episode 2

Driving along the east coast in October, I came across a strange sight.  I found myself northbound on U.S. Highway 9 taking the scenic route (and avoiding the toll roads) along the coast.  The highway meanders up through small towns, colorful autumn forests and crossing river outlets to the ocean.  Rounding a bend in the road 7 miles south of Tuckerton, NJ and just south of the New Gretna Post Office, in field to the west side of the road at mile point 55.8, I came upon a strange sight.

Wine Bottle Statue

A 20 foot tall concrete wine bottle statue.  Off the side of the road in a small field between two houses.  No historic marker around, no signage, no liquor store nearby, no winery nearby, nothing that would indicate a reason for such a monument.  And yet, there it was – larger than life.  After some searching on the net, I found a link that seems to shed some light onto this strange subject. Apparently, this is an old promotional statue for south Jersey’s Renault Winery and now sits abandoned.

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