Truth is Stranger Than Fiction – Episode 1

(or WTF of the Day)

I was driving along in New York City the other day… no, that is not the WTF… anyway…

I was stopped at a red light when I happened to look over at the garbage truck beside me. WTF?

Cheap Date?

Cheap Date?

What’s the story behind the plaid shirted, child sized doll strapped to the under-fender of a garbage truck?

Other interesting things I’ve seen this past week in which I do not have a corresponding photo to show is a mailbox shaped like a small block Chevy V8 (Maine).  I’ve also passed one of those fish shaped mailboxes with a rope tied to it’s tail that led to a “stick fisherman” silhouette a few yards away as if it was catching the fish-box (Delaware) — that one made me laugh out loud for a good five minutes.

I’ll be posting more when I can find the friggen photos.  I have filled up an 8gig card and working on another 2gig one.  That’s about 1500+ pics with a few videos tossed in the mix.

One thought on “Truth is Stranger Than Fiction – Episode 1

  1. I’ve seen a lot of strange things on garbage trucks. I think they take the really strange or funny items that people throw out and tie them to the trucks for humor value. There’s one around here with a three-foot teddy bear on the fender.

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