Picking a Contact photo with Motorola Cliq

Some Motorola Cliq phones are having issues trying to pick a contact photo using something other than the Gallery app that comes with the phone. Motorola is aware of the issue, but I am trying out a workaround for it in my File Browser app. Basically, the problem is that an OutOfMemoryError could result from attempting to pick a large photo because the Intent being used does not specify the size to be returned. Normally, I would just use getIntExtra(“outputX”,defX) and getIntExtra(“outputY”,defY) in order to get what the caller wanted as a size, but since Motorola’s contact app does not provide those Intent Extras, it would return the full sized photo.

Instead of waiting for Motorola to modify their app, I decided to check the name of the caller and provide a default size for that particular app.

if (myActivity.getCallingPackage().equals("com.motorola.blur.contacts")) {
    outputX = outputY = 48;

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