File Browser 7.8 released!

I have just published my latest File Browser release, version 7.8!  The app is available on a variety of markets, but you can also download it from here if you like. [wpdm_file id=3]

Lots of little improvements and bug fixes along with a couple of new features. You can read about all the change details over in the changelog. The biggest changes are that¬† thumbnails are now being cached for 3 days and the new option to “Use Full Screen” which will hide the Notification Bar (aka Status Bar). The “Use Full Screen” option is only available to Android pre-3.0 since you cannot hide the Notification bar in 3.0 and 4.0+.

Thanks to all my translators for helping me with this update and a special thanks goes out to Raffaele Dell’Aversana for translating the entire app into Italian!

I hope you all enjoy using it as much as I do. =D

File Browser Intents and Providers

I have finally put together a comprehensive list of Intents and Providers published by my File Browser app. You can find that list over on the File Browser Intents & Providers page.

As a convenience, I will post what is currently listed there:
Intent & Provider List

  1. Pick File
  2. Pick Multiple Files
  3. Pick Folder
  4. Save To New File
  5. Save To New Folder
  6. Playlist Creator
  7. Create Zip File
  8. Unpack Zip File
  9. MIME Type Provider


FileBrowser Send / Receive Intents

Blackmoon File Browser app has grown from a simple browser to a full fledged file manager and able to launch apps based on the given file name so that you don’t have to launch the app and then open the file. Expanding on this idea, FileBrowser grew arms with which to pass off data to other apps in singles or multiples. FileBrowser then grew ears to listen for other apps that wish to use it’s functionality to pick files or folders. Most of these Intents are discoverable, but any good dev knows that getting information directly from the source trumps whatever else is available. In this article, I will specify what Intents FileBrowser uses and how you can use them in your own app. Continue reading

Android: Using Blackmoon File Browser’s MIME type provider

The function I use to translate a filename and given extension into it’s MIME type is available as a Provider in BmFB so that you can use my work for your app too.

    Uri theContentProvider = Uri.parse("content://");
    Uri theContentTypeRequest = Uri.withAppendedPath(theContentProvider, aFile.getName());
    Cursor theTypeResult = managedQuery(theContentTypeRequest, null, null, null, null);
    if (!theTypeResult.isNull(0)) {
        String theMIMEType = theTypeResult.getString(0);