Home from Iraq!

My brother is on his way home from Iraq and should be arriving tomorrow night! =D  I intend to be there at the base to greet him and will most likely spend a great deal of time visiting with him over the weekend (if nothing else, to keep my nieces occupied for a while so he and his wife can get reaquianted 😉 ).  After 6 years and 2 tours of Iraq, my brother is ready to process out of the Army and lead a civilian life again.  He’s worried about finding a job in this economy since I’ve been looking for nearly a year and have yet to find something that doesn’t require me to relocate.  Time will tell.

One thing that’s interesting to note is that the returning soldiers are complaining about 75°F being “freezing” to the point they bundle up in thermals and have heaters blasting in their bases in Iraq.  I guess when you’re used to the normal temperatures of 120°F that is to be expected.  It will also mean they will all get a shock on coming back to a climate with a 40°F high temp for the day.